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Clean and Simple Card Workshop

with Jeri Parks

Course Description

Clean and simple (CAS) cards have been taking the card making world by storm. In the world of card making there are many different kinds or styles of cards, but they tend to fall into three categories. Cards that focus on products, cards that focus on techniques and cards that focus on design. It is that last type of card that is the essence of clean and simple cards.

One should never confuse quick and easy with clean and simple. In fact, it can be quite the opposite. When I create a CAS card I know the design has to be perfect. So while the card may come together quickly in the end, it takes a lot of planning before assembly begins. Sometimes small changes can make a HUGE difference.

By the end of this class you will:

  • Be able to easily define and spot a CAS card.
  • Learn the design basics of balance, focal point, scale, composition, rule of thirds, weight, contrast, symmetry, texture and repetition.
  • Compare and contrast good and bad design to learn how to improve your work.
  • Receive a printable workbook to record your notes, sketches and ideas.
  • Receive 10-15 pre-designed cards with instructions and sketches to get you started.

Course Syllabus:

  • Lesson One: We will discuss what defines a clean and simple card. We will also discuss composition, rule of 3rds and focal point.You willreceiveyour first workbook pages to print and start work on the pre-designed cards.
  • Lesson Two: We will discuss the principles of flow, balance, scale and weight. You will receive addition workbook pages and pre-designed cards to work with.
  • Lesson Three: We will discuss the principles of contrast, color and symmetry. We will touch a bit on color theory and I will provide resources for color combinations. You will receive the additional workbook pages and pre-designed cards.
  • Lesson Four: We will discuss the principles of texture and repetition. You will receive your final workbook pages and pre-designed cards.

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Clean and Simple Card Workshop

with Jeri' Parks

Self-Paced Workshop

Start DateSelf-Paced Workshop. All course materials are open and available upon enrollment.


Lessons4 Lessons
Enrollment LengthEnrollment open continuously
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All levels welcome!
Classroom Includes

This class includes instructional videos, and downloadable PDF tutorials. If you have any questions regarding your ability to view course materials, please see Jeri Parks's Workshop FAQ's. 

Other Information

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Clean and Simple Card Workshop

Jeri' Parks