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​Here comes another New Year! A new start, new goals, and yes, the need for a new planner. But as a creative person, purchased planners are just too boring. They can also be rather expensive and you need something a bit more customized for YOUR life. Sure, those downloadable pages are cute, but why settle for someone else’s style and favorite colors? You want a unique planner that reflects YOUR style and creativity. And besides, you have a TON of supplies sitting at home just waiting to be used! ;-)

​​Come join Shirley for this six lesson workshop to create a one-of-a-kind planner that will display YOUR Creativity, 365 days a year! In this workshop, students will create unique “Master” pages that will then be copied to produce a planner with pages full of creativity! Learn many different ways to decorate the Master pages and the resulting printed pages using stickers, stamps, paper flowers, scrap paper, paint, stencils, and…well, most anything you have at home. Basic blank templates will be given in class for most pages, but YOU will add your creativity and make them customized to YOUR liking. Planner tips, creative techniques, and inspiration are sprinkled in each lesson. 

Lessons include:

  • Lesson 1: Preparation - Decide what you need from your planner - including size, types of pages, binding, flexibility, etc.
  • Lesson 2: Supply Round-up - Binder, paper, and supply options.
  • Lesson 3: Creative techniques for Monthly Master pages, Dividers and Tabs
  • Lesson 4: Creative techniques for Weekly Master pages
  • Lesson 5: Creative techniques for Daily Master pages
  • Lesson 6: Creative techniques for making additional Master pages, such as To-do, Notes, Birthdays, Menu, and more!

Choose one of the following options* to bind your planner:

  1. Use a 3-ring binder in either 8.5" x 11" or 5.5" x 8.5" paper size,
  2. Spiral or comb bind at your local copy store or with your favorite personal binding machine.
*There will be plenty of examples for each type of planner page throughout the class. 
This workshop focuses on planner creation, not time management.


Student Feedback

In your opinion, was the amount of course materials offered worth the cost of the course?

"Yes, I learned a lot of useful information in this class that I can carry over to other projects. ~ previous "Creativity 365" student

"Definitely. There was plenty of material." ~ previous "Creativity 365" student

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Creativity 365: Planner Workshop

with Shirley Pando

Self Paced Workshop

Creativity 365: Planner Workshop

with Shirley Pando

Start Date

Self-Paced Workshop. All course materials are open and available upon enrollment.



6 Lessons

Enrollment Length

Enrollment open continuously

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Skill Level/Prerequisites                                             

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join the class regardless of skill level or supplies you own.
Classroom Includes

This class includes over 3.5 hours of instructional videos, downloadable PDF tutorials, downloadable templates, forums, and student gallery. If you have any questions regarding your ability to view course materials, please see Shirley Pando's Workshop FAQ's

Other Information

Within 48 hours of verified payment, during normal business days/hours, student will receive an email invitation to the private website classroom.

Students will have unlimited access to the classroom.

Creativity 365: Planner Workshop 

Shirley Pando